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  • 简单慢速英语阅读:Fifty Missing Pages

    He needed to study for a test. He went online to order a book. He went to the publisher's website. He found the book he needed to study. It was 240 pages. It was $59. Shipping was $6. He could order the book from the publisher's website. Or, he could...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:Dinner Smells Good

    He was in his bedroom. He smelled food. The food smelled like chicken. It smelled good. A neighbor must be cooking dinner, he thought. But how could he smell his neighbor's dinner? The smell couldn't come through his apartment's heating vent. That ve...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:Where Did Daddy Go?

    He was in Miami. He was an oil executive. He was at a bar with some friends. It was about 1 a.m. He walked out of the bar. He didn't say good night to his friends. He didn't say anything to anyone. He just walked out of the bar. The videotape from a...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:Let's Dance

    She was blonde and pretty. She was in a bar with her friend. Her friend was a brunette. A man put some money in the jukebox. Slow music started playing. He went over to the women's table. Hi, he said. Both women looked at him. Would you like to dance...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:Bad Toilet Paper

    He needed to blow his nose. He pulled four sheets off the roll of toilet paper. What's this, he wondered. The first two sheets were 2-ply. The next two sheets were mostly 1-ply. He pulled six more sheets off the roll. The first four sheets were mostl...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:American Breakfast

    She was running late. She wanted a fast breakfast. She didn't have time to make her own breakfast. Her usual breakfast was rice, vegetables, and meat. Will you make me a fast breakfast? she asked her boyfriend. He was American. She was Asian. He pref...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:The Phone Call

    The phone rang as he was leaving the apartment. He didn't answer it. It's probably Dave, he thought. His brother Dave had said he would call. He returned home an hour later. He checked his phone for missed calls. There was only the one call. But it w...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:The Info Desk

    This was his first visit to the corner library. He walked over to the library information desk. The woman behind the information desk was reading a magazine. He stood in front of her. She continued reading the magazine. He cleared his throat. She loo...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:HassleMan

    Everything's a hassle, he thought. The smallest thing is a hassle. Taking the cap off the toothpaste tube is a hassle. Squeezing the toothpaste tube is a hassle. Putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush is a hassle. Brushing his teeth is a hassle. Li...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:He Hates to Fly

    He had a 9 p.m. flight. He hated to fly. A passenger plane is always crowded. It is always full. Passengers are jammed together. They are packed together. Side by side. Elbow to elbow. Front to back. Knees to butts. Five hours from California to New...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:USPS Redelivery (4)

    Jean talked to a USPS representative. The mailman didn't redeliver my package today, she said. This is the second day in a row. The representative said, He didn't redeliver your package on Tuesday or Wednesday. That's two days in a row. I'm very sorr...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:USPS Redelivery (3)

    The USPS phone menu voice answered. Jean said, Representative. A male representative said hello. The mailman didn't redeliver my package today, Jean said. What is the tracking number for your package? he asked. Jean told him the number. I can't find...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:USPS Redelivery (2)

    Jean opened her mailbox. She saw the postal form. It said, Insured package. Sorry we missed you. Call for redelivery: 1-800-275-8777. She went upstairs to her apartment. She called the 800 number. A phone menu voice said, Thank you for calling USPS....

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:USPS Redelivery (1)

    Rob was in Texas. He went to the post office. He mailed a package to Jean. He insured the package. Jean lived in New York City. She lived in an apartment building. The apartment building has 20 floors. It has a front desk. The front desk is on the gr...

  • 简单慢速英语阅读:Living Together

    He was already thinking about leaving. He had just moved in. He and his girlfriend were living together. They were living together for the first time. But it wasn't all lovey-dovey. They argued a lot. She said he was a slob. You're a slob, she said....

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